Just Play, 簡單玩 * Pick & Play, 撿彈玩

Just Play, 簡單玩 * Pick & Play, 撿彈玩

Went to Just Play’s music tour at Baboon House last Saturday, it was very nice to see all of them. Comes to think of it, I have know them for few years already, beside Aki, others band members used to hang out in my restaurant in Kuala Lumpur few years ago. I left and returned to this land, a land that raises great talent and love.

Sometime ago, I heard that they formed a band named, Just play,…

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The Nepali Brothers

No matter how busy it’s, every time I walk into the café Kurma will always give me a sweet smiley face and raises his hand and show me an OK sign. I’ll normally walk into garden two and sit by the wall, soon after I sit myself down and light a cigarette, Kurma will bring me my water and coffee without sugar, milk and biscotti. I have been to many cafés and not many of them remember what I…

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One Month Challenge At Baboon

One Month Challenge At Baboon

Was talking to Roger and Winnie the other day and of course, we talk about food. Then, Roger mentioned something about cooking in Baboon and Winnie been asking me to cook something and serve it in Baboon. Since I’m leaving to Thailand in a month, I thought : Why not? So I took the challenge and decided to be The Star Chef of Baboon of the month from 11th July to 9th August.

Here is the menu I…

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Cooking At Baboon, Melaka

Cooking At Baboon, Melaka

After staying at Baboon House for a few months as an unofficial artist resident, we get to know each other better. After a while Babooners getting more and more curious about my cooking beside Roger, because he tried it couples of times. Yes, I cook. It’s kind of a long story, but make it short, there was a time when I wasn’t just a painter, but also a chef and a restaurant runner.

I can’t…

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On The Road With Yen Yin

On The Road With Yen Yin

Haven’t seen Yenyin for about a year now, since I left China we don’t see each other that often anymore, maybe once a year. Come to think of it, it’s quite weird, still. We used to see each other everyday, our friends always joke about us, that we should had move in together since Yenyin will stay at my place 5 days a week. We were like twins.

Last year, Yenyin comes back to Malaysia from Norway…

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Lake Toba, Sumatra

About ten years ago, I went to Lake Toba for a research, spent a few months over there on Samosir Island-an island in the middle of the lake, and fell deeply in love with it. At that time, Lake Toba wasn’t as touristy as it is now, just a few guesthouses, no ATM machine. Stayed at Tuk Tuk for a while, it was very quiet at night back then, all you can hear is song that sings by birds, insects and…

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Birthday in Malacca

This week i celebrated my 25th birthday in Malacca. After some discussions on what we could do to celebrate we decided on a dinner party, which combines my two favourite things, eating and socialising! We had a small gathering in Sama Sama guest house where we marked the occasion with delicious home cooked food. On the menu was spicy pumpkin curry accompanied with fresh crusty bread and rice and…

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Be A Vegan for A Day At ARTillery Café

Be A Vegan for A Day At ARTillery Café

After I left the morning market by the river front, I walked to La Croisette and it was packed, DAMN IT! I was really looking forward for some bacons and french bread. So I kept on walking and wondered if I should go to Lotus or Happy Herb Pizza, it’s probably too early for that. Just while I was wandering on the street, I ran into Sean, asked him where is he heading to, ‘Artillery.’ he says. Ja,…

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Baboon House, The Café

Baboon House, The Café

Last year, just before I return to Europe, I decided to visit one of my favourite cafés in Melaka, The Baboon House. For the breath taking environment and installation arts of Roger, also my favourite lamb burger. Over there, I met a very interesting girl in Baboon House, Winnie, I never seen her before and seem like she is working there. First impression, bubbly and yet very sincere. We had a…

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Baboon House in Melaka or Malacca?

Baboon House in Melaka or Malacca?

It’s just another hot sunny day in Melaka, walking on the street on my way to Baboon House, passing through a bunch of Singaporean looking tourist and can’t help but over heard they talking to each other. ‘Let’s go to Baboon House, I heard that they have really go burgers there.’ one girl said to her friends. I carried on my way, hope to get there before Baboon gets too busy and have a coffee…

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